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The inhabitant of the lake and less welcome tenants

by Ramsey Campbell

  Print book : Fiction

Selected story summaries   (2018-10-25)


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by billborre

"The Church in High Street" - A man seeking a friend hears a story about a temple in another dimension that exists in the same location as a church and connected to this world through a gate opened by rituals performed at certain times of the year by the townsfolk. Upon reading the friend's diary the man speculates that he may have become trapped in the church and journeys forth in hopes of rescuing him. Examining the depths of the church he comes across several bodies and assumes his friend is lying among them but he's terrified of a portal which opens and begins to spew fungoid creatures. One of them touches his ankle and he faints. When he revives he flees the church but realizes he has left his car keys inside and rather than reenter decides to flee town on foot. He is struck by a car and taken to hospital. He gives his story but none of the details check out and his car cannot be located. He feels drawn to return to the church and rather than face that horror he resolves to kill himself.

"The Plain of Sound" - Frank, Tony and Les visit the inn at Severnford only to find it boarded up so they begin to walk back to Brichester but get lost. They come to an open plain with strange sound and head to a house to ask for directions. There is no one in the house but they read the diary of a Professor Hird. The diary details another dimension of sound which intersects here with our dimension. The inhabitants communicate in dreams the page number of the Necronomicon which provides Hird a rite to build an opening between the two dimensions. The boys are warned in the diary that the inhabitants of the plain of sound may be unfriendly but their curiosity gets the better of them and they open the gateway. When they realize they've attracted attention they panic and attempt to break the connection. Tony is driven mad by the experience.

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